Previous Award and Grant Recipients


2023 Di Tibbits Award for Best Thesis in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Dr Andrew Lau
“The Epidemiology and Management of Rectal Chlamydia”

SHSOV Education Support Grant Winners
Desireé LaGrappe
Teck Phui Chua
Louise Bourchier
Steph Munari
Safeera Hussainy
Aleah Kink

Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference 2023 Poster Awards
Aleah Kink (Student)
“Management of acute sexual assault presenting to a large Australian sexual health clinic in 2012-2021: a clinical audit”

Sonia Srinivasan
“Understanding the availability of public abortion in Australia: a review of HealthPathways”

Kristina Edvardsson
“What can trends in prior abortion tell us about abortion access in Victoria?”


Poster Awards
Ei Aung
“Adherence to Weekly Anal Self-Examination Among Men Who Have Sex With Men for Detection of Anal Syphilis”
Olivia Jessop
“A Multiplex PCR Pipeline for Antimicrobial Resistance Typing in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae in Queensland”
Nicolas Caldwell and Henry Charles
“Client Survey in a Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic”

Inaugural PhD Thesis Award
Dr Erica Plummer
“Investigating the pathogenesis of bacterial vaginosis”

Education Support Grant Winners
Cassandra Caddy
Chen Lew
Claire Lynch
Monica Owlad
Ranjit Samra
Susan Saldanha


Poster Awards
Helen Bittleston
What do clinicians want from a diagnostic test to detect pelvic inflammatory disease? Findings from interviews with Australian clinicians
Eric Chow
Spatial mapping of gonorrhoea notifications by sexual practice in Victoria, Australia, 2017-2019
James Leeder
Sex on the BEACH: Understanding the role of general practitioners in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services in Australia

Education Support Grant Winners
Clare Matheson
Erica Plummer
Heidi Constantinou
Jacqueline Ding
Julien Tran
Louise Hollannd
Robyn Holmes


Poster Awards
Tiffany Phillips
“Acceptability of self-collected throat swabs among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men attending a sexual health centre”
Yan Cheng
“A retrospective review of a phone service for sexual and reproductive health”
Helen Bittleston
“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sexual practices of Australians – findings from an online survey”

Education Support Grant Winners
No awards given due to COVID-19


Poster Awards
Vic Perri
Over 50 and in charge
Stephen Bell
Young aboriginal people and sexual agency: locating sexual health promotion in lived experiences of risk reduction in the northern territory, Australia
Byron Minas
A descriptive study of South-East Asian-acquired HIV cases among heterosexual men in Western Australia

Education Support Grant Winners
Dr Susan Fox
Mr Michael Traeger
Dr David Leitinger
Dr Thomas Smardon
Ms Anna Wood

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Education Support Grant Winners
Rebecca Barlett
Louise Holland
Nicole Ghislaine
Iturrieta Guaita


Poster Awards
Denton Callander
Sex work, HIV and STI
Archibald Collyer
“I dont turn every conversation into a sexual health discussion”
Louise Johnson
Your fertility – evaluation of a health promotion program

Education Support Grant Winners
Bianca Forrester
Jason Ong
Sherrie Kelley
Archie Collyer
Eric Chow
Gabrielle Lodge
Vanessa Veronese


Poster Awards
Euphemia Sibanda
Jacqueline Patruna
Louise Causer

Education Support Grant Winners
Kathleen Ryan
Anna Wilkinson


Poster Awards
Emma Weaver
Andrew Burry
Cam Ewart

Education Support Grant Winners
Fabian Kong
Jane Goller
Caroline van Gemert
Calida Howarth
Tristan Harding