Education Support Grant

About the scheme
Each year, the SHSOV offers support grants to allow applications to undertake a professional educational activity in the field of sexual health or an allied discipline. These grants are intended to provide ‘top-up’ or support funding for those who may otherwise be unable to undertake the activities for which funding is sought.

Eligibility requirements
Anyone living or working in Victoria with a professional or other interest in sexual health or a related field, such as family planning and reproductive health, may apply. SHSOV membership is not a prerequisite. Successful applicants from previous years may apply again, however preference will be given to new applicants.

Available funding
The maximum amount of funding available per applicant in 2024 is $500. The total amount awarded will be decided by the committee, and may be lower than requested.

How the funds may be used

  • Assistance with costs (registration, accommodation, travel) to attend a conference or course
  • Assistance with costs (accommodation, travel) to undertake a clinical attachment or training
  • Assistance with costs to establish or complete a research project
  • Grant funds can be used to retrospectively to cover costs for activities already undertaken in 2024.

    Selection criteria
    Each application will be marked based on the following criteria:

  • Aligns with the society’s goals: The extent to which the proposed activity aligns with the society’s commitment to multidisciplinary practice and knowledge exchange.
  • Benefit to the applicant: The extent to which the grant will benefit the applicant in achieving their goals and in their career.
  • Advancing the society’s profile: Capacity of the proposed activity to contribute to the growth/awareness of the SHSOV.
  • Demonstrated need: Applicants have demonstrated a lack of alternative funding, or that grant fund will be used as a ‘top up’ when large amounts of funding are required.
  • Grant reporting
    Applicants must agree to provide a 100-word statement on how the grant was used and how it was of benefit if successful. Successful applicants may also be asked to present their work at the SHSOV annual conference report-back seminar.

    How to apply
    To apply, please email the following documents to

  • Completed 2024 SHSOV Grant Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of abstract acceptance (if applicable)
  • 2024 Applications are now open. Applications close 14th June 2024

    Application form
    2024 SHSOV Grant Application Form

    ​If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.