Education Support Grant

Periodically, the SHSOV offers support grants to allow applicants to undertake a professional educational activity in the field of sexual health medicine or an allied discipline. These grants are intended to provide ‘top-up’ or support funding for those who may otherwise be unable to undertake the activities for which funding is sought. They are open to anyone living and/or working in Victoria with a professional or other interest in a sexual health or a related field.

While the maximum grant available per person is $1500, amounts awarded are frequently lower than this, and may not meet the full amount requested in the application.

Key criteria used in assessing applications include:

  • The extent to which the proposed activity aligns with the society’s commitment to multidisciplinary practice and knowledge exchange
  • Demonstrated need (Lack of alternative funding or as a ‘top up’ when large amounts of funding are required)
  • A focus on local (Victorian) needs/benefits
  • Capacity of the proposed activity to contribute to the growth/awareness of the SHSOV

While not a requirement for submitting an application, membership of the SHSOV may be viewed favourably where two candidates submit applications of similar quality.

Examples of how the grant may be used:

  • assistance with costs (registration fees, accommodation, and travel) to attend a conference or course
  • assistance with costs (accommodation and travel) to undertake a clinical attachment
  • assistance with costs to establish or complete a research project

Application forms

Conference, Course or Clinical Attachment Application Form
Research Project Application Form

How to apply

A decision regarding availability of support grants for 2021 has not yet been made. Please check this website, or follow us on twitter at @SHSOV for updates.

​If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.