Education Support Grant

Periodically, the SHSOV offers support grants to allow applicants to undertake a professional educational activity in the field of sexual health medicine or an allied discipline. These grants are intended to provide ‘top-up’ or support funding for those who may otherwise be unable to undertake the activities for which funding is sought. They are open to anyone living and/or working in Victoria with a professional or other interest in a sexual health or a related field.

Each year, the committee assesses the available funding and decides upon total amounts available for scholarships, and the maximum amount available to individual applicants: amounts awarded to individual applicants may be lower than both the amount requested, and the maximum available to individuals.

Applications are currently closed. Please check back, or subscribe to our twitter account, for news on when applications reopen.

In selected years, the SHSOV will be awarding a limited number of support grants to a maximum value of $500 per individual.

Key criteria used in assessing applications include:

  • The extent to which the proposed activity aligns with the society’s commitment to multidisciplinary practice and knowledge exchange
  • Demonstrated need (Lack of alternative funding or as a ‘top up’ when large amounts of funding are required)
  • A focus on local (Victorian) needs/benefits
  • Capacity of the proposed activity to contribute to the growth/awareness of the SHSOV

While not a requirement for submitting an application, membership of the SHSOV may be viewed favourably where two candidates submit applications of similar quality.

Examples of how the grant may be used:

  • assistance with costs (registration fees, accommodation, and travel) to attend a conference or course
  • assistance with costs (accommodation and travel) to undertake a clinical attachment
  • assistance with costs to establish or complete a research project

Application forms

Conference, Course or Clinical Attachment Application Form
Research Project Application Form

How to apply

Information about how to apply will be added here when the grants are open for applications.

​If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.